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As we gear up for this month’s return to The Castle Hotel, today we offer you a glimpse inside the mind of July’s opening act, David Ward. Traveling all the way from Vancouver, Canada Ward looks set to kick of our fifth Northern Noise Live event in style by utilizing the numerous musical weapons at his fingertips. If you’re wondering what those all important tools might be, then reading the man’s Personal Playlist might clue you in to what he has in store. To prepare readers for his upcoming show, Ward has kindly curated a schizophrenic smorgasbord of musical talent ranging from African tribal rhythms to heartfelt displays of intimacy from the likes of Tom Waits. There may be a few weeks to go until we see him grace our stage but this playlist confirms our suspicions that David Ward’s set will indeed be something special.

Lionel Loueke – In a Trance – Nonvignon

“Great introduction to West African guitar and rhythms. Beautiful record and incredible musician. Can’t find the record version but here is the trio live.”

Jeff Buckley – Live at Sine – Strange Fruit or Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin

“Love this whole record. Someone gave me Grace in University and it didn’t connect on the first go round which is often the case with my most beloved albums. When this hit it hit hard.”

Stevie Wonder – Music of my Mind – Love Having You Around

“Love this whole record as well as Songs in the Key of Life; Sign, Sealed, Delivered; Talking Book; Inner Visions; Fulfillingness’ First Finale. Stevie & Donny have been two of my greatest vocal inspirations/teachers.”

Radiohead – In Rainbows – 15 Step

“This was the first record to hook me on to Radiohead. Love the mix of electronic drums and acoustic percussion in this track. Catching on to this band so late and having a chance to go back and explore all of their albums has been a treat.  Cool take on it with a marching band at the grammys.”

Flylo – Cosmogramma – Zodiac Shit; Computer Face/Pure Being; Do the Astral Plane

“A little difficult to pick a single track off this record like most of the records I’m mentioning. This guy opened up my mind. Also introduced me to Alice Coltrane and Thundercat.”

Tom Waits – Nighthawks at the Diner – Big Joe & Phantom 309

“This is the first Waits record that made me really listen up. Love this whole record. All of my theatre friends were trying to convince me of this guy and this was the record that got me. This one and then Swordfish Trombone.”

Peter Gabriel – So & Up

“Sky Blue is the track I would pick from Up. It also turned me on to the Blind Boys of Alabama. Love how this guy has carved out his career and admire how much he has give back. An innovator with his live shows.”

Donny Hathaway – Live or Extensions of a Man

“His cover of John Lennon’s song Jealous Guy is brilliant. What a talent. So deep, soulful and grounded with that voice and his keyboard playing.”

Dilla – Donuts – Last Donut of the Night

“Another guy who opened up my mind. So creative and such a massive sense of groove.”

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky – Impossible Germany

“This introduced me to the band and was the entry point for their brilliant ouevre. Love this band. Also introduced me to one of my favourite guitar players – Nels Cline.”

MJ – Off the Wall – Workin’ Day and Night

“This is what I grew up listening to. This, the Stones, Queen and 50′s/60′s compilations my Dad had. My Mom loves MJ. I could list off a bunch of his albums and songs but I remember hearing this one in a dance class and being entranced by the interplay of the horns and bottle percussion.”

Learn more about David Ward by clicking here.

Intro words by Simon Bland. Personal Playlist by David Ward.

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